Best Photo Editing Software for Real Estate

To be very honest about this, I haven’t found accurate information about the best photo editing software, especially when we look for real estate. Although tons of photo editing software is available, this never means you can pick out randomly choosing anyone. But looking at every aspect, our team has listed the best HDR software for real estate photography.

best photo editing software for real estate

Real Estate photography software plays a huge role when you have to sell your property or show it to someone else. Picture impact on customer’s mind; this is the first way to communicate with your customer, so the picture must be attractive on first look. Once you have perfect editing software, everything can be done by itself, and you need not worry about glorifying the objects manually.

To make everything more precise, just go with some general questions below, and then we start to check the top list of real estate photography software.

What is HDR photography?

HDR is a short form of High Dynamic Range, and basically, the process is done after you have a picture clicked with different light modes (dark, medium, and bright) and shutter speed. After this, combining the series of photos adjusted the contrast ratio, which is almost impossible with a single aperture and shutter speed.

HDR photography is quite popular everywhere, and most renowned photographers use this technique to take their photography to the next level. The HDR photography software makes the stuff easy for the users, even those with zero knowledge in photography.

Why HDR for Real Estate photography?

There is no strict rule to go only for HDR software when it comes to real estate photography, but it is recommended for real estate, landscapes, skyscrapers, and many others. There are many reasons to go for the HDR software; let us check an example below.

Before HDR

before hdr

After HDR

after hdr

This is the same picture taken; the only difference is the use of HDR software. You might now differentiate why it is said to go for HDR software. Not only the interior, HDR amazingly works on exterior real estate photography. Let us have a look.

real estate hdr

The best thing about HDR software is you don’t require any skill, no lightning equipment. Just have the best HDR photography software; it takes care of everything.

Now is the time to choose the best one for you!

5 Best Photo Editing Software for Real Estate

1. Skylum Aurora HDR

Skylum Aurora HDR is top on our list of best Real Estate photography software. It meets all the requirements of Quantum HDR Engine and is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Its AI gives you a realistic feel of the images with no artifacts and no chromatic aberrations. The Tone mapping feature gives you the ultimate result of bracketing the images.

aurora hdr real estate

Aurora HDR is not limited to home users; many professionals use Aurora HDR for high-end photography. Take a look at the below picture.

skylum hdr photo

It comes with HDR Smart Structure technology that enhances every tiny detail intelligently, which appears to be original. It also provides you with a Batch Processing feature that lets you edit hundreds of images at the same time.

There are more than 20+ tools that you can use for editing real estate photos. And for instant looks, there are almost 100+ presets from professionals to give a perfect look to your RAW images. And the best thing is Aurora HDR stores all your editing history, so you lose nothing even if you try editing the same picture for unlimited time.

Check out the latest pricing for Aurora HDR here, and for additional discount, use Coupon Code – MADESTUFFEASY at the checkout page.


2. Photomatix Pro

Another perfect software for people looking for fantastic software for real estate photography. The only reason to keep this in second place is its User Interface which looks a bit older; otherwise, when we look at the final results of pictures, seriously, there is no competitor of Photomatix Pro. Let us have a look at some pictures edited with Photomatix Pro.

photomatix pro real estate

It allows you to add three or even more pictures of different exposure to combine them and create a single perfect HDR image. It automatically aligns the picture even if you have captured the shots using a tripod. Its Ghost removal feature intelligently removes unusual things like moving people or objects.

Photomatix Pro gives you complete freedom to edit the image as per your style. There are different Tone Mapping and Exposure Fusion HDR styles where you can create a perfect photo. For a quick result, there are about 50 presets created by professionals that you can use, and you can also make some extra adjustments.

Even if you don’t have bracket images, you can use your single RAW image to edit with Photomatix Pro and create an HDR image. You can simply allow the Batch Processing of images by letting Photomatix know where the bracket images are, where to save them, and which effect you require. It automatically does everything for you.

If you want to purchase Photomatix Pro, use the coupon code – MADESTUFFEASY and get an extra discount.


3. Adobe Lightroom

If you are already an expert photographer and have a good knowledge of photography software, then Adobe Lightroom must definitely be your first choice. But if you are a beginner and starting editing from scratch, then the above-listed two software is a better option. Many advanced features and filters are available in Adobe Lightroom, making your real estate picture exceptional. Check some of the below pictures edited with Lightroom.

adobe lightroom

Adobe Lr is one of the kinds that allows you to pick out a specific portion and edit it as per your choice so that your complete photo can not be changed. There are so many presets online from professionals to create an HDR image in almost no time.

There is a geometric tool designed to make your picture in perfect alignment. It also provides an advanced sharpen feature to highlight or target objects or reduce distraction in the image.

So many features are almost impossible to define on a single page. Well, if you are an expert in photography and have sound knowledge, go for it. You can try it for free with a 7-day trial period; after that, you can be charged with a monthly subscription.


4. easyHDR

easyHDR still has an old platform, but the HDR quality is fantastic. Its affordable pricing is the best reason to keep this in the top 5. It has the same capability of merging multiple photos clicked in different exposures. Get both realistic and dramatic HDR results using its advanced tone mapping feature. It supports RAW pictures and edits a single image also.

easyhdr real estate

The features like lens distortion correction and chromatic aberration correction improve the picture quality to the next level. You can use easyHDR as a plugin for Adobe Lightroom, and compatible with macOS and Windows PC. You can automatically use the Image alignment tool to align the picture concerning the horizon.

All other features, such as the Ghost removal tool, batch processing, thumbnail presets, and color management, are available. If you are looking for low-budget high-quality software, then easyHDR is a good option. You can save extra on easyHDR using Coupon Code – MADESTUFFEASY

easyHDR comes in Personal and Corporate licenses. You can choose as per your requirement.


5. Skylum Luminar

Skylum Luminar is not HDR software but is quite popular among professional photographers. As the latest version of Luminar completely works with Artificial Intelligence technology, you do not require any manual transformation to your picture. This has a capability for AI Sky Replacement, AI Accent, Smart Toning, AI Skin Enhancer, and Content-Aware technology to precisely edit the things in the image. Let us have a look at the below picture edited with Luminar.

luminar real estate

There are many other advanced features that you require in photo editing software. You can flawlessly remove digital noise, sharpen your images, erase unwanted objects, and use 100+ instant looks created by professionals.

You can go with Skylum Luminar, too; this also works great for real estate and other looks. There are different plans; check out here. Use Coupon Code MADESTUFFEASY for an extra discount on check out page.



I hope you made the right choice for the HDR software for real estate. If you are still confused about the perfect one for you, then definitely go for Aurora HDR or Photomatix Pro. Both are fantastic software and give you the ultimate result more than expected.

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