Luminar AI vs Neo – Which is the Best for 2022?

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Welcome to this blog where we are going to discuss about the most awaited Neo edition from Skylum and also compare Luminar AI vs Neo.

Neo edition is the latest version of Luminar which is currently available in preorder and most probably get launch in the beginning of winter season.

luminar neo review

We remember when Luminar AI launched last year, there were lots of surprises in it as it was world’s first fully AI enabled photography software which we have discussed in Luminar AI review.

So what’s new in Neo edition?

Is it worth buying for the year 2022?

Which is better Neo or AI?

Should I upgrade to Neo edition?

These are some of the top notch questions we are getting after the launch of Neo edition. We will pan a light on all of these questions.

Quick Overview for Luminar Neo

Dust Removal AI

Lens or sensor let you down? Automatically remove evidence of lens and sensor dust from your photos. 

This is so smartly done, no one can identify the spots before/ after.

Line Removal AI

Line Removal AI gives you perfect pictures with zero effort. Remove unwanted powerlines from skies and put more focus on your subjects just in one click.


Luminar Neo includes built-in overlays and object libraries which allow artists to start creating layered compositions right out of the box.

Luminar Share

Luminar Share allows you to easily transfer photos edited in Luminar Neo from desktop to mobile and share them to your social channels quickly and easily.

Portrait Background Removal AI

Automatically removes the background without any manual operations. It is based on Mask AI technology which detects the objects intelligently.

Advanced Editing Engine

In earlier versions of Luminar AI, there were so many complaints about the screen freezing, slow editing, system crashes. But with the latest adoption of new technology, this problem has been solved.

There are so many features to offer with the new edition. We tried to catch some extreme exceptions that makes you an idea about how powerful the Neo edition is.

Luminar AI vs Neo vs 4

Features Comparison

features comparison

Tools Comparison

tools comparison

The above comparison show about the tools and features among 3 editions.

I guess, this comparison gives you a clear guide about the difference between Luminar AI & Luminar Neo edition.

Now the next question is, whether to go with AI or Neo?

Well, if you are looking for a new buy, then definitely go with the Neo edition.

If you are currently using the older version, you can check out the upgrade discount offers.

The previous edition is cheaper, but we definitely recommend you to go with the newer version to enjoy all the latest features and advanced AI tools.

FAQs for Luminar Neo

⭐️ When Luminar Neo is going to launch?

Neo edition will be in market this winter and currently available on preorder basis.

⭐️ Is Neo edition worth purchasing if we have AI edition already?

Neo is the most advanced version from Skylum and YES, it is definitely worth. You can check the upgrade discount as a loyalty offers.

⭐️ Is there any refund policy?

Yes, there is 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the products.

⭐️ Is it available for Mac & Windows both?

Yes, Luminar works for both Mac & Windows PC. You can to check the specifications before you purchase.

I hope, you find this information useful. If you are still in doubt, you can contact us about this software. Our team will help you anytime!

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