Best Free Partition Software for Windows 10

Partition software lets you split, combine, shrink, merge or delete the partitions from the hard drive. Although you can make extra storage from your hard drive by creating a new local campaign without having software, some options are still missing, so you have to go for software. Here we have listed the best partition software for Windows 10.

best partition software windows 10

Plenty of free software is available to manage your hard drive as per your requirements. Let us look over them before we clarify some definitions about partition software and its working.

What is Partition Software?

As name defined partition, which means it divides or makes a partition of hard drive or other storage drives so that you can make separate partitions for different usage. Along with this, you can effortlessly create, delete, format, clone, split, and resize, your disk.

Partito software lets users change properties, convert the partition to any drive, and more.

Is there free Partition software available?

Almost every top company offers either a free or partially free version of partition software. But it is recommended to go only with the top-rated software as it deals with your data and maybe with some of your essential documents. Keeping these things in mind, we have concluded the best software in these categories.

NOTE: Some software listed below might be available in the paid version, but you can try them for free.

6 Best Partition Software for Windows 10

1. Tenorshare Free Partition Manager

tenorshare disk partition

Tenorshare Partition Manager hits the top on our list, which is simple, it allows you to take easy control of your hard drive partition. This is simple, easy to use, and has a clear navigation panel. The best thing is that it is entirely free to use and offers many features that make Tenorshare one of the best choices when we look for the best partition manager for Windows 10.


  • Optimize hard drive: You can redistribute free disk space to utilize all your disk space more efficiently. You can create, delete, format, clone, split, and merge partitions.
  • Modify partition properties: You can set your drive as active to boot from, rename the industry for easy recognition, modify paths, and more.
  • Compatible with all drives: Not just for Windows, Tenorshare works with external drives. You can convert MBR to GPT disk without any data loss, and it supports almost all central File Systems.

2. MiniTool Partition Wizard Free

MiniTool partition wizard

MiniTool Partition Wizard is another great way to manage your hard drive storage. It comes in free as well as with a Pro plan. The free version is mainly recommended for home users and small office users. It provides various advanced functions to optimize, partition, and manage your computer storage. It offers advanced features like Disk Management, that lets users check the disk speed performances, Space Analyzer to analyze what amount of data is stored on disk and when to free up the storage, and much more.

MiniTool Partition Wizard Features

  • Move/ Resize partition: Either shrink ample storage or expand small storage to fulfill your requirement.
  • Merge/ Split partition: Looking to combine two or more partitions? MiniTool makes it easy for you without any extra effort; you can merge or split the cells without any loss to the data.
  • Format partition: MiniTool ensures no data loss during the format process, and all your other data in different partitions are safe.
  • Convert FAT32 to NTFS: Easily convert FAT32 to NTFS without any data loss.

3. EaseUS Partition Master Free Edition

EaseUS Partition Master

EaseUS is also one of the top recommendations for free partition software. It comes with a paid version and some extra features that are not available in the free version. I like the most that you can set the storage limit by dragging the storage bar and allocating the disk storage. Also, when it comes to cloning partition, just choose the destination partition, and it automatically copies everything.

With its straightforward interface, you can easily merge partitions by selecting the partition drive. And when it’s time to format partition, you can easily format the data by choosing File System, Cluster size.

When looking for ease of usage, EaseUS is our top choice, but the only thing we don’t like is some of the features available for paid version only.

Features of EaseUS Partition Master

  • Flexible partition size
  • Split/ Merge partitions
  • Permanently wipe data
  • Create/Delete partitions

4. AOMEI Partition Assistance (Standard Edition)

AOMEI Partition Assistance

AOMEI Partition Assistance is entirely free for personal and home users. But it also comes in a paid version, which includes extra features such as changing the serial number, wiping the disk, Extending partition wizard, Partition recovery wizard, command-line partition, quick partition, partition alignment, and much more.

In free addition, you get Basic partition management to create, delete, format partition, and resize partition, which includes expanding and shrinking, System data migration, Creating Bootable media, Converting disk and partition, and much more.

AOMEI Partition Assistance Features

  • Partition Copy Wizard
  • Disk Copy Wizard
  • NTFS to FAT32 Converter
  • Migrate OS to SSD
  • Make Bootable CD Wizard
  • Windows to Go Creator

Some features above are only available to the Pro version; if you are looking for business purposes, then definitely buying Pro is the right choice.

5. Paragon Partition Manager

Paragon Partition Manager

Another free solution for disk partition. One complete solution to manage your hard drive partition. From one single platform, you can create, expand, shrink, delete, merge, split, change labels, Manage dynamic disks, Undelete Volumes, Convert MBR disk to GPT and vice versa, use command lines for partitions, and much more.

On the other hand, if you are looking for business purposes, then definitely Pro version offers you some unique features such as Backup disks/volumes, Migrate OS, Virtual disk support, Wipe disk, and much more.

Paragon Partition Manager is one of its kind that allows users to make partitions of physical and virtual disks.

Paragon Partition Manager Features

  • Resize partition
  • Recover accidentally deleted partition
  • Change label
  • Test Surface

Note: To get all features, you must switch to the paid version.

6. GParted Disk Partition

GParted Disk Partition

GParted Disk Partition is a free, open-source application with many features that involve managing your disk and creating partitions. You can create, grow, and shrink your drives, Create space for a new OS, and rescue data from lost partitions.

You can try GParted Disk Partition for home and business use. Let us overview GParted Disk Partition features.

  • Create/ delete partitions
  • Resize/ move partitions
  • Change drive label
  • Set new UUID
  • Support all major File Systems such as btrfs, ext2 / ext3 / ext4, fat16 / fat32, hfs / hfs+, and many others.


I hope you find valuable information about the best free partition software for Windows 10 and successfully make the right choice for yourself. If you are still confused and don’t know which one is right for you, then first go with Tenorshare Free Partition Manager; otherwise, you can also go for EaseUS Partition Master. The final choice is yours and let us know in the comment section about your choice.

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