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Skylum AirMagic Coupon (Basic Edition)

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Skylum AirMagic Discount (Basic, Creative, Business editions)

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This plan includes a license for two computers.

  • Original price: $51.00
  • Discounted price: $32.80
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How to activate the discount using AirMagic Coupon Code?

Skylum AirMagic currently offers you three plans. As shown above, copy the Coupon Code and click the Grab Deal button.

You are redirected to the official website, and again, choose the plan and click – The Buy Now button. Checkout window appears; click Enter Promotional Code and paste the coupon.

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Payment options for AirMagic

You can pay with a Credit Card (VISA, Master, American Express) and a PayPal account.

About Skylum AirMagic

Skylum is one of the best photography software companies known for Luminar, Aurora HDR, and AirMagic. Millions of customers trust Skylum services and are completely satisfied.

It is built for both beginners to a professional level, and Skylum AirMagic is the #1 drone photography software.

It has many presets by professionals to give an instant look to your drone photography.

skylum airmagic coupon code


Connector and Independent Program:

The fact that it can function as both a plugin and an independent software for Windows and Mac computers is, of course, one of its most outstanding characteristics. It’s compatible with Adobe Photoshop and Apple Photos Tools as a plugin.

Simple to Operate

The software is a straightforward tool that requires nothing in the way of preparation before usage. Once the installation is complete, you may begin working by dragging a picture into the program.

For the best experience with this app, please ensure that your images are at least 800 × 600 px in size. Multiple picture formats, including  JPEG, TIFF, and PNG, are supported.

Computerized Detection

If you view an image and then click on a quality or issue indicator, the A.I. will immediately become aware of the picture’s quality or flaws.

Controls such as adjusting the haze, contrast, and sharpness are used to make the necessary adjustments automatically inside the program. However, the primary picture corrections it does are as follows:

Eradication of Smog

The dull, foggy appearance of haze is a typical issue while taking drone images, and it may also obscure vital information. Artificial intelligence can automatically modify or eliminate fog from photos, allowing for a clearer picture.

Confirms Specifics

Without introducing any distracting noise or garish coloration, the program subtly brings out the image’s underlying elements.

Increase the Palette’s Hues

Photos taken by a drone prior to processing tend to have subdued colours and a lack of detail. The program can identify problems with the photo’s color balance and fix them automatically, enhancing the pigments while preserving the photo’s original feel.

Variety of Designs Available

By default, you may choose from one of six available looks. We do my analysis using the same criteria across all the photographs, such as haze levels, sky color, contrast, and so on.

The photographs could undergo additional alterations in accordance with the aesthetic that you go for.

A Singular Means of Controlling Volume

One slider controls the overall brightness of the image. Using the tool’s slider, you may adjust the level of darkness or lightness.

If you are expecting the application to come with some kind of supplementary tool that allows you to manually alter the image, you could be let down.

The app’s only purpose is to optimize aerial photos by tweaking them following a handful of essential criteria. This software may not be for you if you have high standards and require granular control over these details.

Clear Away the Smog

Drone images often show haze, which might obscure the subject. The use of AirMagic makes the elimination of haze a breeze.

Improvements to the Sky

AirMagic can automatically identify the sky in your images and enhance its appearance.

Expose the Plot

Without adding any distracting distortions or noise, AirMagic may automatically bring out previously hidden elements in your aerial photographs.

Increase the Palette’s Hues

Adjust the mid tones, brightness, and depths automatically. Get more vibrant hues for jaw-dropping final products.

Completely mechanized

Without any intervention from a person, the software analyses the picture and makes the necessary adjustments.

Modify many images all at once.

You may improve your photographs by dragging and dropping them, including the raw files.

Be original with your fashion choices.

Use the app’s built-in filters to give your images a unique look. When you already have these looks available in AirMagic, there’s no need to buy separate filters for your drone.

FAQs for AirMagic

⭐️ How much can I save on Skylum AirMagic?

The maximum savings is up to 36% on different plans for Mac & Windows.

⭐️ When is the next version of Skylum AirMagic going to launch?

The next version will launch probably during the beginning of next year, which is Skylum AirMagic 4.

⭐️ Is Skylum AirMagic 4 free to use?

You can use it for a limited trial period; after that, you must buy the full version.

⭐️ How to activate Skylum AirMagic coupons?

Just copy the given code, click the discount button and use it on the checkout page.

I hope you find this helpful promo code and successfully activate this deal. For the latest tech tutorials and online deals, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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