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UFS Explorer Technician

UFS Explorer Technician is a full-featured software application that meets the needs of many technical experts, including computer forensics investigators and data recovery engineers, while performing difficult data recovery jobs.

The program supports hard discs, USB sticks, and flash memory and disc images made using standard disc imaging tools or specialized forensic instruments like EnCase or FTK Imager.

Open volumes are protected with BitLocker, LUKS, FileVault 2, and APFS without decrypting them in the operating system using the program’s built-in decryption methods. The software is also compatible with more advanced RAID storage systems, such as Drobo BeyondRAID, Synology Hybrid RAID, Btrfs-RAID, and ZFS RAID-Z.

In addition to being compatible with a wide, wide variety of file systems used in Windows, Linux, macOS, and BSD, as well as other environments, the utility can also manage a wide variety of battery systems, such as Windows Dynamic Disks, Storage Spaces, and deduplication; Apple Software RAID, Core Storage, and Time Machine; Linux mdadm, and LVM with Thin Provisioning; and others. T

he software supports various virtual machines, including VMware, Hyper-V, VirtualBox, QEMU, XEN, and more. The program does not alter the content of the data carrier.

It may serve as a dependable instrument for the recovery of trustworthy evidence, thanks to its broad reporting capability and a method of file integrity management.

UFS Explorer Standard Recovery

Storage devices, virtual machines, and disc images. The universal answer for the vast majority of data loss situations is UFS Explorer Standard Recovery.

The app gives unhindered access to healthy Windows, Linux, and macOS file systems, facilitates the reconstruction of corrupted ones, and readily recovers lost or erased information from a wide variety of storage media, such as local and removable hard discs and USB flash drives.

The software is compatible with various virtualization platforms, including Windows Dynamic Disks, Apple Software RAID,  and many more.

The tool utilizes cutting-edge scanning technology to search storage media for missing data and restore it efficiently. Even yet, the application reads the afflicted digital media and does not alter it in any way.

Further, the program lets you set storage reading characteristics, including read timeout, block size, and omission criteria for damaged sectors, which may be used to produce a disc image.

UFS Explorer Standard Recovery has an intuitive interface that walks you through each data recovery procedure. Additionally, various user choices and tools will make it simple to do any inappropriate activity.

UFS Explorer Network RAID

UFS Explorer Network RAID is a software application that offers data recovery potential through a local area network in typical data loss scenarios or those involving complicated RAID-based storage devices.

Data may be restored from external drives, USB drives, memory cards, and other electronic media linked to a distant computer in the same way as if they were attached directly to a local workstation.

The parts of a disc array may be related to computers running various operating platforms. The program supports multiple setups, covering standard, nested, bespoke layouts and technologies like Drobo Beyond RAID, Synology Hybrid RAID, Btrfs-RAID, and ZFS RAID-Z. It provides the option for automatic or manual RAID construction.

As a bonus, UFS Explorer Network RAID can also manage devices linked to a DeepSpar Disk Imager device over a local area network (LAN) without needing additional software or drivers.

In addition, the program has other features that facilitate productive interactions with storage exhibiting specific indicators of physical degradation.

The application allows users to set reading variables, provides a disc imager that can be customized concerning read time limit, block shape, guidelines for skipping damaged sectors, etc., and is capable of understanding and working with maps that contain bad blocks that were either generated by the imaging process, identified by a predetermined pattern, or were the result of the use of suitable remedies.

UFS Explorer Recovery Features

  • Recover multiple types of storage: This software is compatible with most Operating Systems, including Windows, macOS, and LINUX. Also, it works with almost any file system across any device.
  • Decrypt the Encrypted storage: The recovery file may often be in the encrypted folder. So it becomes a bit challenging to recover from this. UFS pro helps you out of this by decrypting folders.
  • Scan as per the requirements: You can use the quick scan option for instant results and the deep scan feature to run a complete scan. There is also an option to pause the recovery to check the intermediate scanning.
  • Advanced Scanning procedure: There are sometimes device errors, and most recovery software keeps recovering the same file for so long, which is time-consuming. UFS Explorer has a feature “read-once” option that makes it possible to avoid extra read requests

How to use UFS Explorer Professional Recovery?

Please install the program by downloading it from the official website.

ufs data recovery

Choose the device for recovery: From the list available, select the machine where you wish to scan.

choose file ufs recovery

Scan the storage: Once selected the device is, the app will scan the chosen storage. As this is a scanning process, it may take time. Don’t forget to save the scan results.

scan storage ufs

Save recovered files to the specific destination: You are required to enter the path where you wish to save the recovered file.

save ufs recovery file

With these steps, you can quickly recover your data!

System Requirements

Operating SystemMS Windows, macOS, Linux, Intel Architecture, AMD64
HDD storageMinimum 20 MB free space
RAMAt least 1 GB for smooth scanning
Supported File SystemsWindows: NTFS, FAT, FAT32
Linux: Ext2, Ext3, Ext4
Configurations64-bit edition of working OS

When to use the Data recovery tools

Most often, when we are unable to find the file, folder, or picture on a computer, we don’t require any data recovery tool. It is probably saved in another folder path that is generally scanned in the search options.

Data recovery is useful when you, by mistake, delete any file or there may be a damaged hard drive.

We have also seen many users using data recovery tools while formatting the drive or attacking with the antivirus.

We hope you find the helpful information and successfully apply the UFS Explorer coupon code for all plans.

FAQs for UFS Explorer

⭐️ What is the best value available today for UFS Recovery?

With the latest promotions, you can get a 15% discount on all plans of UFS Recovery.

⭐️ How to activate the UFS Explorer coupon code?

Just copy the code and hit the Grab Deal button. On the official website of UFS Recovery, paste the voucher code.

⭐️ How often UFS Recovery launches a new coupon?

Very less. But our readers enjoy super savings on all plans. Check here for the best deals.

⭐️ Is there any free trial available?

Yes, many plans from UFS Recovery come with a free trial with minimal features, and you have to pay to recover your data.

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