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About ManyCam

Whether using Facebook Live, Cisco Webex, or Zoom, ManyCam can help you manage and optimize your streaming across all of them with a single centralized video site.

Teleconferences, screencasts, and live streams may all record and saved as projects for use in the future by managers. ManyCam’s capabilities include a video, an IP address, an RTMP stream, audio controls, a sketching tool, snapshots, audio control, 3D effects, image in the picture, and more.

It has a motion sensor feature that may alert users by email or in-app notifications whenever motion is detected inside the camera’s field of view, increasing security across all gadgets.

Furthermore, hosts may choose games to broadcast live by using a game streaming component. For companies interested in streaming and video broadcasts, ManyCam offers Android and iOS smartphones mobile apps. Both yearly subscriptions and perpetual licenses are offered at various prices.


Backgrounds in a Virtual World

Whether you’re hosting an online meeting, a virtual classroom, or a live broadcast, you are always ready to go with the help of virtual backdrops. Without resorting to a green screen, you can now easily mask off your location and replace it with a new picture or video.

Using the Chroma Key function, clients with a green or blue display may make their live stream seem even more polished. To improve the quality of your output, use the parameters available in the advanced menu.

Several Video Origins

Make high-quality, in-the-moment films using as many as 200 inputs. Enhance your live broadcasts and records using cameras, pre-recorded movies, photos, your computer screen, applications, and online sources. Keeping your audience interested requires the ability to move quickly between sources.

ManyCam allows you to do more with your live videos than ever before. Use everything at your disposal outside your camera, including slide shows, movies, applications, websites, and more.

Media Format Changing Device

When broadcasting a professional video chat or Livestream, it is essential to use various video sources, additional content, and much camera work.

To enhance your interactions, you may quickly switch between several video sources. You can even customize the transition between cameras using ManyCam.

Using many cameras and video sources greatly adds variety and interest to your live broadcasts. ManyCam is a media source switcher that allows you to quickly switch between many video sources.

Like TV programs, your video would benefit from cutting between various viewpoints periodically.


Rounded-corner layers and the ability to adjust the opacity of any layer may significantly improve the quality of your video conferencing and live streaming. Using the following principles, you can efficiently arrange your layers and guarantee a top-notch live broadcast.


ManyCam is not only a streaming program; it also enables you to superimpose other windows on top of your primary display. Screens may be moved, resized, and repositioned, and any video source can be added. You’ll have as many PIP windows as possible to stream like a pro.

Using picture-in-picture throughout live coverage enables you to make films with much more depth. Making sure your camera is focused on the corner of your stream at all times makes your viewers feel more connected to you and pay closer attention to what you’re doing.


You may add headers to your live broadcasts and video conferences to make them seem more polished and to announce your name, position, and other details.

With ManyCam, users may choose from various visual overlays and enter any custom text in real-time.

Video titles are textual graphics superimposed over the footage to provide context. It’s an excellent tool for keeping viewers updated during live broadcasts or video conferences.

The term refers to the space below the bottom third of the screen, which is off-limits to titles so as not to obscure the presenter’s face.

Connecting with others using a camera in virtual reality

Use a program like Skype or Facebook Chats for your online courses, video conversations, chats, seminars, or meetings. You may use ManyCam’s excellent live video features as your virtual camera.

Users may save system resources when making video calls by utilizing a virtual camera instead of a real one. This means that users may use video sources such as photos, movies, and screen sharing as the primary output throughout a video conversation.

Programs for Mobile Devices

A portable source from ManyCam lets you utilize your phone as a video source. You may now capture and upload live videos from your mobile device to ManyCam without needing to be in front of a computer.

In addition, up to four video streams may be streamed straight from a mobile device to any supported streaming service.

ManyCam optimizes your equipment, whether for mobile live streaming or as a supplement to other tools. During video chats, your mobile device may replace your desktop computer’s camera and significantly improve your live streaming arrangement.

Presets and Projects Can Be Exported And Imported

To increase your efficiency when working with real-time video, you may save whole projects, export them, and import settings. ManyCam lets you store projects, export video presets, and integrate them into new projects so that you can reuse the scenes for several videos.

This feature may save users’ work for later use and safekeeping. Using real-time video is a fantastic method for reducing wasted time and enhancing efficiency.

Indicative of a Web-Based Resource

To boost efficiency, the web source function allows users to use websites as video codecs throughout live streams or recordings without opening the page in a browser beforehand. In addition, ManyCam lets you alter the stylesheet for the website itself.

ManyCam designed the web source function with live video efficiency and personalization in mind. The user may modify the CSS of any website used as a source to ensure the final movie appears precisely as it should.

Incorporation of YouTube

ManyCam allows you to utilize videos from YouTube as your primary source for live broadcasts, video conferences, and recordings. Use Youtube clips as source material for your live broadcasts or in your video chats with others.

Furthermore, you may make video playlists that will play continuously while streaming live.

In ManyCam, you can quickly and easily embed YouTube videos into your live broadcasts and chats. The video may be added to ManyCam by copying the YouTube Link and pasting it into the appropriate field. You may stop the live stream anytime or add it to an existing playlist.

Computer Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows & macOS
  • RAM: Minimum 2GB for SD and 16GB for HD
  • Processor: i5 or higher is preferable
  • Disk Space: At least 5GB of free space

Review & Ratings

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FAQs for ManyCam

⭐️ How much savings are available for different subscriptions?

The maximum you can save is 50% on Enterprise licenses for a lifetime subscription. For Individual subscriptions, you can save up to 35% today.

⭐️ Which is the best-selling product for this month?

The best selling plan for this month is the STUDIO lifetime plan which offers you all important features.

⭐️ How to save maximum on all plans?

We are running special promotions on all plans. Just copy coupon code and use it on the checkout page.

⭐️ Is there any upgrade discount?

Yes, you can upgrade to any license if you require extra features. You have to pay extra for the upgrade.

⭐️ Do I get a free trial to check for my business?

There is no free trial but you can ask for refunds within the 30-days of purchase.

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