Udemy Competitors: 5 Best Alternative Courses Like Udemy

Udemy is the fastest growing online learning platform all around the globe no matters what subject you are looking for. It covers almost every field of your interest and with their online courses, you can master them. Udemy was started on 2010 and till 2018 it covered almost 80,000 courses on the website.

Udemy Competitors

No doubt Udemy is best among all, but still, you may find some learning difficulties in their courses. So you may look for the best Udemy competitors. Right? Here we have listed some of the best alternative courses like Udemy that helps you to learn your course.

This is one phrase No one is perfect, that’s why pencil has the eraser. You have the option to choose the best competitor it this category.

Why Online Courses?

Online courses not only mean to cram the things but better used to understand the concepts of every field in depth. You can master any subject and get certified by them. You can enhance your skills and develop your mind. Many online learning platforms offered free courses as well as paid.

Udemy is the best online platform to learn every course. If you are looking for alternatives without using Udemy then I must say try Udemy first. You will love this as they offer courses at a very low price. Still not too much interested? Let us have a look at its competitors.

5 Best Udemy Competitors

1: Skillshare


Skillshare is one of the best competitors to Udemy. As it offers more than 24,000 classes with unlimited access. The best thing is you can have free access for one month with its trial period. The top categories covered by Skillshare are Design, Business, Technology, Photography, Entrepreneurship, Film, and Writing. You can also have access to the Workshops and student’s projects. Let us quickly check what features does Skillshare offers.

  • Connect with 3 million members
  • Learn by doing practices
  • Expert guidance keeping future trends in mind

For the learning students, this is the best solution to all your online courses. Start using its service with a free plan and then purchase if it is informative.

2: Coursera


Coursera is another learning platform to enhance your skills and learning the concepts. Although Coursera offered limited courses when compared with Udemy and Skillshare, all the courses are made by the world’s best universities and educational institutions. The courses included videos, a forum for discussion, assignments to keep students updated. Let us quickly check some top features offered by Coursera.

  • Academic & Technical support
  • 35 million learners
  • University-recognized courses

3: Simplilearn


Simplilearn is basically for professional to get trained as professional. This is widely used among workers and specialists. Some of the top master programmes are Data scientists, cloud architect, Digital project manager, Artificial Intelligence engineering, Business Analytic experts, and other such master programmes. If you are a student then you might find difficulty is finding out right course for you but if you are in a profession already then this one is for you. Simplilearn is largest platform for professional to master.

What do you get with Simplilearn?

  • Certified courses
  • Corporate training
  • Professional courses

4: QuickStart


QuickStart is a bit more specific. It offers its services to the top IT companies such as Amazon, HP, IBM, and other top leading IT companies. QuickStart basically offers courses related to Information Security, Cloud Computing, App development, DevOps, Big Data, and Business Productivity. If you are a student then you must try other alternatives as this is for the big firms to enhance the IT sector.

QuickStart uses AI-based IT learning and development platform consists of 800+ courses, 100+ authors and instructors, 176+ countries served, with almost 25 years on experience.

5: Udacity


Udacity is another popular online learning website that builds your skill. The popularity of Udacity is because it offers the courses related to Artificial Intelligence, Deep learning, Digital Marketing, Intro to a self-driving car, learn unreal VR, robotics, and much more. But Udacity is not so much wide like Udemy but the topics covered in it are worth.

There are many other online learning portals in different fields but Udemy is best and cheaper when compared to its alternatives. I hope you find this tutorial about Udemy Competitors and 5 best Udemy alternatives useful.

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