Safely Surfing the Deep Web- A Quick Guide

deep web browser

Safely Surfing the Deep Web is something which the user enable to keep their information safe. More than 90% data on the internet is in the hidden form such as your online banking details and a lot more. So before going to access important input data or pages on the internet, some important things must be kept in users mind to safely surf the Deep Web Browser.

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5 Top Tips for Staying Safe and Secure on Public WiFi networks

secure public wifi

When you see free Public WiFi sometimes in Coffee Shops, Airports or in any place. You immediately connect your smartphone or laptop with that Wi-Fi. But at the same time, you must be aware of some Wi-Fi safety before connecting to it. There are many hackers having prying eyes on your system after connecting to that Wi-Fi. So be safe while using Wi-Fi and have a secure public WiFi to access your bank account information or any of your personal information.

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