How Do I Attach a Photo to an Email on Yahoo Mail

how do i attach a photo to Yahoo mail

If you are wondering how to send an attachment to your friends, family members, or for professional purposes, then you have landed in the right place.

Here you will see easy steps to add your photos, files, folders, or clips as an attachment. There is a limit to the size of an attachment at one time; you have a limit of up to 25 MB.

But you can send the rest of the stuff by sending another email.

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Photomatix Pro 6 Review 2023: HDR Photography

In addition to merging and adjusting exposure brackets, the application may be used to edit a single picture. From saturation to curves, you may fine-tune your photographs with various parameters.

HDR photos may be created in a variety of ways with this application. Although I think the program is outdated, HDR effects may still be achieved. This is the HDR software for those seeking HDR images with a lot of contrast. Some HDR photographers like using Photomatix’s ability to produce extreme photos.

Many of us get confused with much online photography software, such as Photomatix, Aurora HDR, Luminar, and many more.

Here we will discuss the Photomatix Pro photography software, among the top photography software list. We can see a quick Photomatix Pro review completing all the essential features available.

After a quick look at Photomatix Pro features, I am sure you can decide whether to buy Photomatix Pro or not.

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How to Find Administrator Password Windows 10

how to find administrator password windows 10

The Administrator account helps you to operate Windows fully. Suppose you have a hold of an administrator account. In that case, you can easily handle all the basic operations on your Windows system, such as downloading applications and changing the settings on your system. If you are someone who cannot find an administrator password, keep reading this guide to solve your how do I find my administrator username and password query.

Recently, I opened up my Windows PC after one and half years, and it was unexpected to see the error – Wrong Password. This is something which I used daily two years before.

This might be the reason for you or something different. No matter what the thing is, we must get the administrator password back. Right?

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How to Get a New IP Address on Mac and Windows PC

change ip address mac

Want to get a new IP address on your Mac or Windows PC? This tutorial will provide a detailed solution for changing or getting a new IP address on a Mac or Windows PC. There are many different ways to get a new IP address, but here I will show you the best and easiest way to change your IP address.

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How to Delete Google Plus Profile Picture?

delete google plus profile picture

If you want to remove your Google plus profile picture and set your avatar (by default set by Google+) then you need to follow some simple steps. You must note that if you are deleting your profile picture from Google plus, then the profile picture gets deleted from all your associate Google accounts linked with the same Email address, such as Gmail, Google Calendar, and much more. Follow some simple steps to remove your Google+ profile picture.

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5 Reasons Why a VPN is Must for Traveling & Best Travel VPN

vpn for traveling

While traveling you often use different WiFi in coffee shops, airports, hotels. Some are free and some are paid, if it is free we connect with it and start surfing the internet but you must have precaution before using any Wifi around yourself. The one-stop solution for staying safe during traveling is using VPN services. In this digital market, there are lots of VPN providers but the factors to choose best VPN while traveling are discussed in this article.

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How to Know WiFi Password of Your Network Using cmd

know wifi password using cmd

When your PC is connected to some wifi network but you forget its password or you just want to see the password of any wifi connection on your PC then you can easily know wifi password using cmd. There are different ways to retrieve wifi password but cmd seems to be easy and by this, you can find the password of all the networks connected earlier even if they are not connected at present.

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BullGuard Internet Security Review 2022

bullguard internet security review

There are many Internet security tools available online, and you may feel trouble which is worth it all.

There is also a question of whether buying particular tools benefits or just a wastage of money. Here I will discuss the BullGuard Internet Security review, which I have been using for two months.

I found BullGuard a fantastic tool to protect your PC and speed up your PC. BullGuard is among the top rating security tools that auto tune up your PC and increase its speed.

Here we will discuss every parameter based on which you can quickly know whether this product is suitable for you or not.

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