How to fix WiFi connected but no internet access on Windows 10

laptop connected to wifi but no internet access windows 10

Laptop connected to WiFi but no internet access windows 10 is becoming a typical problem!

Windows 10 users who have a PC with Windows installed and connected to the Internet but display a notice that the Internet is not safe are in the proper spot.

There are many reasons for this having no internet connection and limited internet connection. 

Change your IP and DNS address and run Windows Network Diagnostics to repair this issue. Protocol characteristics establish the automated IP and DNS addresses on the Internet.

Won’t connect to the internet. This guide will show you how to solve a WiFi problem using all of the available ways.

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How to Transfer Contacts from One iPhone to Another

how to transfer contacts from one iPhone to another

Got a new iPhone? Well, congratulations!

But what is the first thing you look forward to doing after setting up your iPhone?

For most of us, it is to transfer our contacts from our old phone to the new one. I’m sure you agree with me on this.

Or maybe you want to keep up a backup of your contacts on a spare phone. Just in case you lose your phone.

So if you are looking forward to transferring iPhone contacts to a new iPhone or any other device, whether iPad Tablets Android smartphones, you have landed on the right page.

In this tutorial, we will share the three Best Ways to Import iPhone Contacts to any device.

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18 Ways to Improve iPhone’s Battery Health in 2022

How to improve iPhone battery health

Who loves a 100% battery sign on your iPhone?

All of us, right!

But it is far from what we face every day. Each day our battery gets drained quickly, and there are many reasons behind it.

And to cope with that, most people use power banks which are stuck to the phones most of the time of the day.

But is it good for your iPhone’s heath?

And are there other solutions available to help users prevent quick draining of their iPhone’s battery and improve iPhone battery health?

Tip – For an easy solution and instant results, try using iMobie PhoneClean. You can check the complete guide here.

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