How to Unblock Telegram Messenger App

unblock telegram messenger app

If you are a regular user of Telegram Messenger app, and you notice that Telegram Messenger App is no longer working in your country. This is really frustrating but everything has an option similarly unblocking Telegram Messenger App has also options, so you need not worry. Here you will see the best and the easiest way to unblock Telegram Messenger App.

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How to Change Security and Privacy Settings on Mac

how to change security and privacy settings on mac

If you are unable to access any app, or other security apps then you need to optimize some security and privacy settings. Privacy settings are sometimes also useful if you won’t let other to use the stuff you made private. Simply change the privacy settings and no one able to make any changes. Follow some simple steps to make your security and privacy settings.

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How to Electronically Sign a Document for Free

How to Electronically Sign a Document

Well, nowadays e signature or Electronic signature becomes very important.

The old tradition passes away and modern trends are coming.

Earlier every one has to follow paper documentation but with the medium of the internet all over the world, everything is becoming paperless.

Here we see how to electronically sign a document with easy steps. You can use e sign on all documents, PDF files, Word and on every digital platform.

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Tips on Cyber Security For Online Shopping

cyber security for online shopping

With the popularity of Internet shopping nowadays, the importance of cybersecurity has become necessary for everybody. Even in real life, shopping involves money; wherever there is money, the crooks go.

People all across the globe use online shopping to swiftly and conveniently purchase the items they need. More than two billion individuals will buy online in 2020, with global e-retail sales exceeding $4.2 trillion.

When it comes to victims, hackers have an abundance of choices because of online retail’s popularity. It’s possible that they might profit from your private and sensitive information. You can do many things to keep your personal data safe and secure, such as learning cybersecurity guidelines.

And since much shopping is happening in cyberspace, these crooks lost no time following the money trail targeting online shoppers.

Check out these tips on Cyber Security for Online Shopping.

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How to Add Header and Footer to PDF Documents

add header and footer to pdf

“PDF” stands for Portable Document Format. A PDF is used widely in almost every file, including resumes, CVs, forms, etc. But sometimes you want to change some minor and essential things.

Editing PDF is challenging; unlike MS Word, you cannot simply edit and rewrite the text. Here we are going to see the best way to edit PDF documents and the best way to add header and footer to PDF documents.

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How to Download YouTube App for Windows 10

download youtube app for windows 10

For the instant launch of YouTube, we need an app, and for an app, we require a download store. In iOS and Android, you can easily download from App Store and Play Store, respectively, but many mouths are shut when it comes to Windows.

Here we will see a simple trick: you can quickly launch YouTube from your desktop without using a browser or anything else. There are many ways to download YouTube, but here is a quick way to add YouTube directly to your desktop.

Check out the steps to download YouTube App for Windows 10.

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