Best PDF Editor for Personal Use in 2023

PDFs have swiftly emerged as one of the most popular file types in this age of more sophisticated computers. When working on digital information with others, using physical papers may become unnecessary if a PDF uses instead.

PDF editors may be helpful for business purposes since they enable users to fill out forms, add electronic signatures, manage PDFs in bulk, and share PDFs with others.

PDFelement and Nitro Pro are two of the most well-known PDF editors available today. There are more PDF editors available.


The abundance of PDF editors that are now accessible may make it difficult to choose the software that offers the most value.

You risk overlooking some critical information if this is the first time you’ve ever used a tool, especially if you have yet to learn what you should be looking for.

The same piece of content can edit using various editors, each of which tailors to meet the needs of a specific user. Some editors gear toward advanced users who require a wide variety of customization options, while others design to be user-friendly and straightforward for novices.

This post will discuss two popular PDF editor options, PDFelement and Nitro Pro, to help you choose the right one for your requirements.

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Nitro Pro

Nitro Pro is the most recent iteration of the NitroPDF software suite. It provides users with the finest possible experience in modifying, converting, reading, and creating PDF files on desktop computers, laptops, and tablets.

You can check the latest discount offers on Nitro PDF Pro.

If you are looking for an alternative, there is no need to look further. As a result of Nitro Pro’s cloud-based capabilities, users can access their documents and make edits to them from virtually any modern computer.

This is a significant advantage that the product has over its competitors. In addition, the Windows program that includes with the professional version of Nitro gives you the ability to manage and sync your files from any computer you choose. Additionally, it comes with a substantial amount of instructional resources and professional assistance, which includes in the enterprise-level feature set.

Nitro PDF has swiftly become one of the PDF conversion tools that are utilized to the greatest extent because of its capability to convert Microsoft Word documents into PDFs that can be viewed on Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, and Android.

This capacity was made possible by the fact that Nitro PDF was developed. Because of this capability, Nitro PDF has risen to the top of this market exceptionally quickly.


  • In addition, Nitro Pro can convert your PDF, Word, Text, and Image files into joint presentation formats like PowerPoint, Keynote, and Excel.
  • You may use this feature to display your work. The professional qualities of Nitro Pro include password security, a preview of your resume, changes, resizes, and formats, as well as a great deal of other functionality. Since it is compatible with Windows and Linux, Nitro Pro is an excellent option for working professionals and students.
  • In addition to being able to import any document format that is compatible with the open standard, Nitro Pro also can convert PDF files into a variety of other formats that are frequently utilized.
  • Postscript, Microsoft Word, Apple iWork Pages, Linux Word, and Excel are some of the formats that fall into this category.
  • Previous technical skill is optional to use Nitro PDF; instead, the application provides complete capabilities for users of all experience levels, even those without prior experience.
  • However, your computer must be equipped with all the essential software and hardware to get the best results from the application.
  • Nitro Pro provides its users with various features, including a password generator, a password protection tool, a dark mode, a cover sheet, a full-screen mode, and a rotation tool. Other features include a dark way and a cover sheet.


Make aesthetically pleasing PDFs

Bring more light into the planet. Can create PDFs with consistent formatting across all platforms and operating systems, and more than 300 file formats are compatible, including Adobe.

Scan documents to editable PDFs

Gain the advantages of digital agility without sacrificing the effectiveness of your paper operations. Create PDFs from scanned documents or any software with the printing function enabled.

Simple recordkeeping for regulatory compliance

Maintain your data’s safety while archiving and saving it for the long term. It is best to create PDF/A files that are ISO-compliant since these types of files are suitable for the long-term preservation of documents.

Use any tool to create papers

Improve the overall effectiveness of your writing. You may forget formatting concerns and concentrate on creating excellent content because Nitro can create PDFs on any platform.

No more copying and pasting

Are you interested in converting your documents to PDF format? Utilize your pile of papers to their fullest potential with little additional work. Using Nitro PDF Pro makes this another challenging endeavor simple.

Nitro makes it simple to convert PDF files into editable versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other formats used by Microsoft Office, allowing you to devote more of your attention to developing new concepts and devoting less time to sifting through old documents.

Check that all of your documentation is neat and presentable.

The automatic correction of layout abnormalities throughout the conversion process ensures that converted documents have their original fonts, graphics, and formatting with no quality loss.

Find new uses for your emails

By converting emails, attachments, and even whole email folders into searchable PDFs, our Outlook add-in makes it easy to keep track of communication and organize it in an organized manner.

Save time and work by converting many things

Converting many files at once allows you to manage your time. Convert many PDF files to a range of different file kinds all at once, such as photos or documents created in Microsoft Office.

Make quicker work of shape creation

You may use Nitro PDF Pro to produce digital PDF forms that users can fill out and submit by starting with a complex scanned form or a simple Microsoft Word form. These forms can then be filled out and submitted by users.

Throw out all your cumbersome manual procedures and any outdated or broken equipment. The outcomes will exceed the expectations of your patrons ultimately.

Create distinctive forms of the highest possible quality.

Create user-friendly forms quickly and with little effort. Text sections may be repositioned and resized, field copies can be made, and can add selection menus for comprehensive personalization choices.

Digitize the forms

Create more effective and efficient forms in a short amount of time. You can convert any paper document into an interactive electronic one, whether it be a purchase order, an expense report, a staff survey, a patient questionnaire, or any other kind of document.

The use of digital signatures has to be simplified.

With QuickSign, you can add your digital signature to documents without ever having to leave Nitro PDF Pro. You also can have partners electronically sign your form by connecting their Nitro Sign accounts to your state.

A simple modification of PDF files

PDFs are editable in several different ways, including the addition of new text and images as well as their deletion and modification.

Conforming PDFs to User Requirements and Preferences

Easily include identifying your company’s identity components in your PDF documents, such as a company logo, dynamic bookmarks, watermarks, and page numbers.

Create editable PDFs from scanned documents

With optical character recognition (OCR), documents that have been scanned may transform into searchable and editable PDF files that can also view.

Include inserted material such as Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, photographs, etc.

Make PDF have page numbers

Bates Numbering may be altered; many files can be managed simultaneously, and annotate documents with labels, IDs, and timestamps.

The key to peace is to have protection

You may protect your papers without causing any disruptions to the process by using user rights, encryption, and redaction options that are straightforward to use.


Before allowing access to the document, provide a command subject to strict security checks. Using user permissions, strong passwords, or certificate security, you can encrypt your PDF files and any digital IDs dependent on the authorization.

Using the redaction tool in Nitro PDF Pro, you can rapidly locate sensitive material inside a PDF and remove it by cutting out text, photos, and even metadata. This will prevent unauthorized access to the information.

Confirm with a 100% surety

Increase the rate at which confirmations are given. Make use of the Chain of Trust function of Nitro PDF Pro to swiftly validate the integrity of a digital signature and the reliability of the sender.

Make an Investment in Secure Encryption

Your PDFs will always be safe to use thanks to the most current version of Microsoft’s Rights Managed Services (RMS), which is now version 2.0, and the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), which uses 256-bit encryption.

On the other hand, certificate security encrypts your PDF and authorizes access depending on each user’s digital ID. It offers additional protection for your work by preventing unauthorized access.

Reduce the amount of paper clutter

It would be best if you combined all of the documentation for your project, including emails, text files, and spreadsheets, into a single PDF that can search.

Quick and straightforward PDF merging in an instant

Convert several file types into a portable document format (PDF), enabling easy document sharing, review, and search capabilities.

Modify Easily

Develop your skills to the highest level. You can extract pages, convert them to images, or recreate the PDF files individually from those pages.

Produce music that will be remembered fondly by your listeners.

You should create special reports and presentations utilizing your gathered data to impress your supervisors and colleagues.

Straightforward Collaboration

Simplify the review process and stop the feedback cycle that never seems to end. It is easy to keep everyone in your team, and your network informed and working off the same page when you use Nitro’s always-on templates, annotation, and sharing tools.

Maintain unhindered visual contact

Everyone in an organization can swiftly exchange and contribute to company-wide papers and share templates while using Nitro. Also, share templates.

Annotations that are both quick and simple. Simple cooperation.

Working collaboratively on various documents is simplified with annotation tools such as highlighting information, striking through text, underlining text, and making comments. These tools are available to anybody who has access to them.

Use of electronic signatures

Using the user-friendly features built right in, documents may be easily shared, reviewed, and edited outside of an electronic signature process.


  • Providing support for electronic signatures
  • Adding page numbers to a PDF file during the editing process
  • Getting Rid of Text in a Portable Document Format
  • In the process of altering PDFs, adding photographs
  • Editing PDF files allows you to fill in blank fields in documents.
  • Examining the Content of PDF Files
  • A process that may convert files saved as PDF into documents saved as Word


  • Accessing a wider variety of robust and dependable fonts would be beneficial.
  • The conversion from PDF to Word isn’t foolproof, particularly with tables.
  • Converting documents created in Microsoft Word to documents saved in the Portable Document Format (PDF) is sometimes time-consuming.


For a lifetime license to use Nitro PDF Pro, a one-time payment of $179.99 requires to make the purchase. On the other hand, if you acquire three licenses, you will be eligible for a significant discount.

Visit their official website for any additional information you may want.


In contrast to its contemporaries, Nitro PDF Pro stands out as one of the most feature-rich and advanced PDF editors. One of the most trustworthy editors, but it also works well on computers with a lower processing speed.

The program may be learned quickly and offered at a reasonable cost. The only real negatives are that there isn’t a monthly subscription option or live chat support, but to tell you the truth, these are something that only some people care about or even miss.

Because it is developed with business customers in mind, the once-yearly fee for Nitro PDF Pro is something most consumers will be okay with paying.

Let’s Discuss the other option, PDFelement


Wondershare PDFelement – the PDF Editor, is a multi-functional PDF editor that is very nice to users. PDFelement is a unified solution for handling PDF files across several operating systems, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

It is an attractive alternative for everyone looking for a replacement for Adobe Acrobat, including individual consumers, educational institutions, and small organizations, and it is one that they should consider.

The simplified and standardized user interface that PDFelement provides paves the way for increased productivity and efficiency.

PDFelement Pro is equipped with a wide variety of editing tools. It is possible to protect critical documents using a variety of security measures, including passwords and permissions, batch encryption, and digital signatures.

Additionally, you and your coworkers may collaborate on documents without having to deal with a complicated email chain.


Changing Forms Saved in the Portable Document Format (PDF)

PDFelement is well-known for its quickness, efficiency, and user-friendliness, notably underlined by the program’s ability to handle forms, which also contributes to PDFelement’s fame.

Users can quickly finish filling out both interactive and static forms with PDFelement, regardless of the level of complexity of the states. It is feasible to produce their interactive equivalents by first recognizing lines and tables in static PDF forms and then automatically building such interactive structures.

This process may be done in several different ways. This procedure produces interactive versions of these. In addition, it is possible to construct interactive forms manually by putting components such as text fields, checkboxes, and buttons into the state.

This is the case when manually designing interactive forms. Productivity has significantly skyrocketed to new heights as a direct and immediate consequence of these technological breakthroughs, leading to an increase in overall efficiency.

Creating PDFs and Making Changes to Them

Utilizing PDFelement, it is possible to generate PDFs using a variety of various layouts and styles. For example, Create PDFs from scratch by creating a blank PDF or any printed or scanned file.

Alternatively, Create PDFs from nothing at all. PDFelement’s Template Mall is a vital selling feature since it provides a wide choice of high-quality pre-made designs that can use for several purposes, including the generation of documents. Use these designs immediately after downloading.

PDFelement makes it simple to convert PDFs to various file types, including those used by Microsoft Office, images, and web pages. Export PDFs in a variety of formats.

PDF Files: A Discussion about Collaboration and Sharing

After you have made modifications to a PDF, It can be emailed or uploaded to Dropbox or Google Drive. PDFelement provides you with a broad choice of tools that you may use to annotate PDFs with your ideas and comments.

Software to Protect PDF Documents

A capability in PDFs allows you to hide sensitive information in documents you create using that format. When you produce PDFs using PDFelement, you can utilize its many security measures to keep the PDFs you make confidential.

If you use a password to protect your PDFs, it will be impossible for anybody else to view, change, or print them without your permission. Also, give a PDF file a digital signature.

PDF Workflows That Are More Efficient

PDFelement provides users access to many tools to process PDFs in mass. For example, you may print many PDFs at once or convert multiple PDFs to the same format simultaneously. Obtain the tools for batch processing by selecting Tools > Batch Process from the main menu.

PDFelement has many valuable functions that increase productivity, such as Capture and Translate. For example, utilize the Capture tool to change a picture swiftly grabbed from inside your PDF. These features include the software.

Generate forms in interactive PDF format

Whether you’re working in Excel, Word, or another application, converting your static forms into fillable PDF documents is a simple process that you can complete quickly.

Using PDFelement 6, you can modify your existing PDFs by adding new text fields, buttons, and sections. Use a template to create a new form.

Convert a PDF scan into helpful data

Using PDFelement, it is simple to get data from scanned documents such as invoices and forms. Applying the same extraction rules to any PDFs with the same structure is possible.

Dark Mode

When the dark mode is activated, the system increases the saturation of colors to make objects stand out more clearly against black backgrounds. You can choose between a light and dark aesthetic.


You may build your individualized forms with the assistance of buttons, text fields, and checkboxes, and you can also make use of the pre-made templates to cut down on the time you spend on the construction process.

Extraordinary Efforts Made to Ensure Safety

Can sign documents, save encrypted communications, manage access, and many more can be done while retaining privacy and security.


  • Accessibility and friendliness of the user interface
  • Extensive ability in a variety of practice areas
  • Possibilities for editing with a higher degree of complexity


  • To a certain degree, expensive.
  • Sometimes slow


As soon as you have finished reading this post, you can acquire PDFelement for a lower price than usual.

There is a pricing difference between each plan, starting at $29.99 for the Quarterly Plan, moving up to $79.99 for the Annual Plan, and finally reaching $129.99 for the Permanent Plan.


Wondershare PDFelement Pro is a relatively straightforward software compared to other PDF editors. Even though it has just the most basic capabilities, it is fully functional as a PDF reader.

The program has all of the standard functions that one would anticipate finding in a modern PDF editor, in addition to some more complicated options for users who need their use.

Regular users and those with more sophisticated needs ought to have minimal difficulty navigating the interface, and the comprehensive documentation that comes with the application should address any issues that may arise.